Preserve family wealth
Do you wish to pass wealth onto your children, but have some reservations about their money handling skills? Perhaps you would like to set some savings aside to pay for your grandchildren’s education? Are you worried about family members or a former partner making an unwanted claim on your estate?
Trusts offer many practical uses. For example, you can use it to ring-fence assets that will pay for your care later in life.  You might also use it to maintain the financial security of vulnerable people, such as a child with additional health needs or an infirm or elderly relative.
Although the rules governing trusts are complex, the actual concept is relatively straightforward. You create a trust, you place your money or property into the control of a third party, who then manages and controls those assets for the benefit of others.
Respecting your wishes
Our experts have extensive experience in planning, setting up and management of trusts – both onshore and offshore. By listening to your requirements, we can select and talk through different trust arrangement options and find a solution to suit your circumstances.
We can help you with:
Estate planning – organising your affairs to minimise the impact of inheritance tax (IHT) on your estate
Establishment and ongoing financial management and compliance – including preparation of accounts, filing of annual self assessment returns
Executorship – administering your legacy and dealing with distributions to beneficiaries, ensuring your wishes are fulfilled
Trustee service – taking responsibility for the management and oversight of your trust, including winding up trust arrangements once their purpose is served

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