Total Back Office Support is a key part of what makes us different.

Quite simply, we’ll integrate seamlessly as an extension to your business to provide a virtual accounts office readily available whenever you need us.

We’ll take responsibility for all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting, and we can manage your payroll. So you’ll be free to focus all your resources on what your business does best.

If you need to query an invoice, talk about a payment that needs to be made, or ask about holiday entitlement for an employee, then we’re available immediately. Just phone, email, or fax us and we’ll deal with your query straight away.

Need to phone and share an opinion about a business challenge…… we’re right there to help. We have the skills and knowledge you can rely on. And you can talk to us about confidential matters that you wouldn’t want to discuss with employees.

If your customers or suppliers need accounts queries to be dealt with then we can deal with them as if we were part of your business.
As your own “back office” we’ll provide you with total business support, just as if we are part of your business. Doesn’t that sound like the service you need?

Why does it matter?

It makes what we do much more effective for you.

You can focus your attention and business resources on what you do, knowing that the accounting, bookkeeping and payroll is dealt with professionally just when you need.

You can ensure everyone you employ is involved directly in what your business does, and not in administering accounts, VAT, management reports, Tax Returns, and all the other non-profit making tasks.

We do everything at our offices, freeing up y
our resources and space. And you gain access to a higher level of resource and skills at a lower cost.

This should mirror the information noted above on Outsourcing.


Adrian and Co have over the last 10 years been able to help a very large number of individuals & businesses with their accounting, tax and financial/business affairs. The firm acts for individuals, small businesses and also organisations transacting cross-border with multi-million pound turnover.

Our clients include:

  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Company
  • Partnerships
  • LLP
  • Charities
  • Corporations
  • Individuals



  • Restaurants and service stations
  • Solicitors and estate agents
  • Actors and musicians
  • High net-worth individuals, both UK and overseas
  • European and off-shore businesses including Asia,
  • Australia and Middle-East regions
  • Charities
  • Specialist photographers and photographic imagery
  • Building contractors
  • Reinsurance and repair companies
  • Franchises
  • Contractors
  • City based businesses and individuals
  • Travel & leisure businesses
  • Business start-ups and emerging companies
  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Property investors and developers
  • Business in clothing, media and travel industries
  • Sole traders and partnerships across all sectors


Key Benefits
Fraud Prevention


  • Everything we do will save you time and money.
  • We know first-hand what it’s like to run a business and how important it is to stay focussed on what your business does and not be distracted by non-profit tasks.
  • Here at Adrian & Co., our aim is to make running your business just that bit easier by taking responsibility for what we do best, and giving you more time to focus on what you do best.
  • We’ll provide you with a complete ‘accounts office’ and give you the freedom to focus on your business.
  • Whether you’re a one person business or a large organisation we’ll provide the right level of service for your needs, within your budget.
  • Our service is scalable, so as you grow or if your business fluctuates, we’ll change with you. And you’ll only pay for what we do – no fixed costs.
  • We’ll make sure everything is done on time, every time. So, no late filing penalties ever again.
  • We’ll provide clear information so that you’ll understand your business better and improve control.
  • We go that bit further. We do far more than just bookkeeping, accounting and payroll. Just ask, and we’ll work out a way to say ‘yes’.
  • We’ll give you complete peace of mind.
  • And, the remarkable thing is that we can save you money as well as time.

FRAUD – Is your business at risk?

Fraud by employees in positions of trust is a significant business risk.
It can happen to businesses of all sizes, from small family businesses to large corporates and in all sectors, from retail and manufacturing to charities and schools.

It can involve bookkeepers, accountants, financial directors, heads of departments, head teachers…….  people who are close colleagues and personal friends, even relatives…..  anyone who is in a position of trust and responsibility.

According to accountants KPMG the typical fraudster is male, 36 – 45 years old, works in the finance function or in a finance-related role, holds a senior management position, has been employed by the company for more than 10 years, works in collusion with another perpetrator,

Usually, fraud is not detected until a significant loss has occurred, perhaps over several years.  By which time it may be too late to recover the losses and the business may be at risk of insolvency.

Fraud can’t happen in my business…….       or can it?
The majority of businesses employ trustworthy people.  But sometimes the most trustworthy people experience changes in their lives which lead them to behave out of character.

Here are some recent examples:

Facing jail: estate agent who stole £400k from employer
She had stolen the fortune – a total of £390,550 – between February 2007 and March 2014.

Jailed: fraudster who stole £70k from employers and used cash to buy gifts for company director
Worked in the accounts department for just a month before he started to steal funds.

Poole accountant jailed after stealing £27k from his employers
Caused cash flow problems.  Owners had to borrow money to replenish losses.

Finance director stole £170,000 ‘to pay ex-wife’s blackmail demands’
Worked for Bournemouth retailer for 23 years.  Stole over a four year period

Stealing from Candy brothers was ‘easy’, says 26-year old accountant
Financial controller stole more than £90,000 from Britain’s top property tycoons, Candy and Candy

Accountant stole £34k from Herefordshire charity
Failed to declare a previous criminal conviction for fraud and falsely told charity he had a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification

Former Accountant jailed for stealing thousands from ITV
Together with an accomplice, set up a fake company to claim for fictitious work totalling £141,960.

Bookkeeper jailed for £250k theft
Shopaholic fraudster almost caused a family business to go bust.  The firm had to lay off staff and needed a cash injection from directors to survive.

Pregnant bookkeeper in £30k fraud ‘after husband’s affair’
Took money from a nursery school

Mother-of-three stole £30,000 to pay for her £100-a-day eating binges
Staff pay at the welding company had been frozen because of the serious loss of money.

Flintshire head teacher ‘struck off’ after theft
Head teacher stole £53,000 from his school to fund a gambling addiction.

Bristol Audi woman stole to pay for boob job
Assistant accountant stole £16,000 from Bristol Audi by ‘creative accounting’

Accountant prepares for ‘years’ in jail over Weardale Railway fraud
Paid cheques into her own accounts for sums totalling £36,781 when she was management accountant.

Royal Academy of Music’s finance director defrauded institution out of £200,000
Defrauded the academy of £203,950 between March 2007 and January 2011.

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