Business start-up and advise

Starting up or growing a business is an exciting and busy time. Your focus is on developing sales, recruiting the right people and creating the right infrastructure. Time is a precious resource which you need to spend wisely.
Being confronted with the various financial and legal aspects of a business start up can be extremely daunting and this is where we come in.
Our expert business start-up and small business accountants are here to explain every step of the process and guide you through the various stages.

What Our Business Start Up Accountants Can Do For You ?

All you have to do is contact us, do not be worried that you are coming to us with little or no knowledge of the financial and legal implications of starting your own or growing an existing business, that is our job!

We can advise and assist you on:

Structure – we will work together to find the most suitable legal structure for your business whether that is as a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Limited Company. We can also register your company for you with the necessary regulatory bodies, such as Companies House.
Business Plan – if you do not already have one in place, we can draw this up for you or you might want us to look over an existing plan you have created. If you are looking for outside investment, a solid and well written and researched business plan can make a huge difference. We will cover cash flow projections, budgets and more.
Finance – we can advise you on what the best source of finance would be for you and create solid relationships between you and your bank.
HM Revenue & Customs – you do not need to worry about filling out lengthy forms, we will do all of that for you and send it to you to check over and make sure that everything is correct. We can then go ahead and register you to make sure you are fulfilling all necessary payments.
Bookkeeping – we can advise you on and maintain all aspects of VAT, payroll, National Insurance contributions and any other requirements.
Record Keeping & Software – not only will we advise you on the best accounting software for your business start up and your needs, we will ensure that any systems you have in place meet any applicable requirements.

Financial Forecasting

Our accounting team can help you create accurate financial forecasts and budgets
Accurate forecasting is the key to financial peace of mind, and our accounts team are very good at it.
By liaising with your Commercial Manager, they will be able to provide you with financial forecasting to suit your requirements: either in terms of managing your monthly cash flow forecast, or perhaps preparing a 5 year plan for potential investors.
Near the end of their financial year, many of our clients like us to help them put together a budget for the following year, either in aggregate or on a monthly or quarterly basis. Budgeting can be an excellent way of making sure revenue milestones are achieved and costs are kept under control and in line with expectations.

What Our Business Accountants can advise you on incorporation, growth and much more

Adrian & Co is not just an accountancy practice that simply records historical information for businesses.  We can do that, but we believe we are here to offer financial business advice and to help support plans for future growth, investment and increased profitability.  We want to help your business be more successful.
Advice can come in many forms. For some clients, we provide strategic business and financial advice much like a financial director might.  For others, the advice is requested and offered on an occasional basis.  Some clients prefer to steer their own ship without the full-time commitment of a financial director – and we are readily on hand to assist when required.
Recording historical financial information is fine – but regular engagement with Adrian & Co helps clients to avoid the many pitfalls associated with the financial management of running a business.
We provide a range of financial business advice services including health checks to review profit optimisation; business planning support; advice on exit strategies and expertise in areas of both business acquisition and disposal.  We can also review financial management software systems to ensure companies are maximising the information to help them run efficiently and profitably.
All businesses face the challenges of succession planning – however large or small; then there are the usual priorities of managing cash flow, costs and revenues.
People can sometimes be so busy in their business they forget to look up and work on maximising their efforts – and that is where Adrian & Co offers real added value by providing that independent business advice and guidance.

Reach out to us to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.


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